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GITT Kit Resources

The GITT Kit is available in an online format for $75.00. Access this resource on the Hartford Institute e-Learning Center. You must set up an account.  The kit includes the following:

1. GITT Implementation Manual (3rd edition) (Revised 2012): The six chapters of this manual provide an overview of the GITT program including advice from interdisciplinary team experts on how to develop an action plan to adopt GITT at your institution, structure the clinical and didactic components of an interdisciplinary program and how to evaluate GITT at your institution.

2. GITT Curriculum Guide (2nd edition) (Reviewed 2012): Each of the following 6 topics included in this curriculum guide provide an overview of the topic with learning objectives for trainees: 1. Teams and Team Work, 2) Team Member Roles and Responsibilities, 3) Team Communication and Conflict Resolution, 4) Care Planning Process, 5) Multiculturalism and 6) Ethics and Teams.

3. Video/DVD: This professionally produced videotape portrays four simulated team meetings. The scripts were written to demonstrate the following seven categories of behaviors: conflict, conflict management, teaching/learning, leadership styles, meeting behavior, meeting skills, and willingness to recognize other professional roles.



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GITT Dynamic team-building guidance to enhance care.

Working together leads to successful outcomes. This is at the core of the Geriatric Interdisciplinary Team (GITT) initiative. GITT is a resource of the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing (HIGN). Recognizing that older adults with multiple conditions rely on health care professionals from a variety of disciplines, the initiative was created in 1995 to improve care by enhancing the interdisciplinary training of health profession students and professionals.

Teams, don't just happen. It takes training. GITT provides training resources to help health care professionals develop geriatric interdisciplinary teams. The GITT program continues the Institute’s mission of reshaping health professions training to meet the demographic imperatives of the 21st century.

What Is Team Training?

The Concept.
Patients with multiple conditions rely on health care professionals from a variety of disciplines. This is often the case with elderly patients. Studies show that complex patients manage better when their doctors, nurses, gerontologists, pharmacists--every health professional involved in their care (including the patient!)--work together as a team to develop a smart plan of care.

The Need.
Unfortunately, teams, let alone effective ones, don't just happen. It takes training.

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