Research Foci
Current Research

Geriatric Health Services:

 Home Care
•    Van Cleave, J.H., Comorbidity Patterns of Elders with Cancer Receiving Long Term Services and Supports,  New Courtland Center for Transitions and Health Pilot Study, 2010-2011.
•    Brody, A.A. & Rolita, L., Pilot Study: Improving geriatric competency in pain and depression assessment and management in the home healthcare clinician, 2010-2011.

Hospital Care
•    Boltz, M., & Capezuti, E., Barriers to Functional Mobility in Hospitalized Older Adults: Patient and Nurse Perceptions,2009 Sigma Theta Tau International Environment of Elder Care Nursing Research Grant, 2009-2010.
•    Boltz, M. “Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors Associated with Change in Physical Function in Hospitalized Older Adults, Funded by the Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation Fellow Research Grant, 2010- 2011.
•    Boltz, M.& Capezuti, E., Nurse Certification and Patient Outcomes in NICHE Medical-Surgical Units, Margretta Madden Styles Credentialing Scholars Program, American  Nurses Credentialing Center, 2009 –2011
•    Capezuti, E. Expanding Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders (NICHE) in Rural New York State Hospitals, New York State Health Foundation (Special Projects Fund), 2010-2012.
•    Rosenberg, MC., Capezuti, E., & Boltz, M., Outcomes for Medicare Patients with Hip Fractures in NICHE Hospitals, Muriel and Virginia Pless Center for Nursing Pilot Award, 2010-2011.

Transitional Care

•    Cortes, T., Capezuti, E. & Williams, M., NICHE - BOOST: Improving Nurse and Hospitalist Capacity to Deliver High Quality Transitional Care, The New York Community Trust, 2010-2011.

Chronic disease management
•    Dickson, V.V., Aging Workers with Coronary Heart Disease, Brookdale Foundation Leadership in Aging Fellowship, 2010-2012.
•    Dickson, V.V., Katz, S., & Meldus, G., Building Skill in Heart Failure Self-Care: A Community Based Intervention, American Heart Association Clinical Research Program Grant, 2010-2012
•    Dickson, V.V., Development and Testing of the Self-Care of Heart Disease Index, Pless Research Award, 2009-2010.
•    Dickson, V.V., & Katz, S., Socio-Cultural Influences of Self-Care Among African Americans with Heart Failure, NYU Research Challenge Fund Award, 2009 – 2010.

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Research Foci Addressing important health issues for older adults.

The HIGN Research Center is committed to addressing the needs of an aging population by providing research mentorship, conducting nursing science research, and testing the translation of effective interventions into practice.

Uncompromising rigor and relevance to practice are the imperatives on which Hartford Institute’s research is based. The Hartford Institute’s original, innovative, cutting-edge research is focused on better understanding the complicated medical and social needs of older adults and how to better support them on their health journey. Our research aim is to understand system-level factors which influence quality and to translate effective interventions into actual practice by applying novel approaches that transform provider and patient behavior.

The research foci of scientists in the center are categorized in three broad areas:

• Patient Safety & Quality
• Geriatric Health Services

We work with our NYUCN colleagues in chronic disease management, workforce, complimentary and alternative medicine, and HIV/AIDS centers on projects in which older adults are the population of interest.

Use the expandable menu at left to view the Research Center’s focus areas.